Top Eco-Conscious Hotels

Who says luxury and eco-consciousness are mutually exclusive?  If you’re looking for an ultra posh resort for your next vacation, and would prefer that they care as much about the environment as you do, look no farther!  The resorts on our list prioritize their concern for the environment above all else.

1.  Hanging Gardens Ubud

Bali Homepage Pic Alternate CropLocation:  Payangan, Bali

Why is it an Eco-Conscious Hotel?  Famous for having one of the world’s most photographed swimming pools, the Hanging Gardens Ubud lies in the heart of the Balinese jungle.  Wanting to preserve the resort’s original land as much as possible, only one tree was moved in the construction of the Hanging Gardens Ubud.  The resort’s buildings were all constructed using local, natural materials, and its famous infinity pool boasts walls of solidified volcanic ash.




2.  Longitude 131°

853279_HLocation:  Yulara, Australia

Why is it an Eco-Conscious Hotel?  A winner of the American Express Centurion Magazine award for being a Top Eco Friendly Resort, Longitude 131° is built atop a sand dune.  The luxury “tent” accommodations were built on stilts to leave the desert and sand undisturbed.  Furthermore, the entire resort is powered via solar power.


3.  Six Senses Yao Noi

Hideaway pool villa aerialLocation:  Phang Nga, Thailand

Why is it an Eco-Conscious Hotel?  The Six Senses Yao Noi focuses on energy efficiency, water and waste management, social commitment, and protecting its natural surroundings.    This resort has also been authorized by the local government to rejuvenate and protect the public mangrove area for educational purposes. 


4.  Six Senses Laamu

975x660_family_villa_with_pool_140x87Location:  Laamu Atoll, Maldives

Why is it an Eco-Conscious Hotel?  In an effort to conserve energy, the Six Senses Laamu uses electricity that is produced with diesel generators.  The resort also uses a cogeneration system to prevent heat from escapting and being wasted during power generation.  Recycling is made a priority, and guests are given plastic reusable water bottles to prevent excess plastic waste.


5.  Matangi Island

matangi_LR_374Location:  Northern Division, Fiji

Why is it an Eco-Conscious Hotel?  The resort’s nine authentic Bures, three unique Treehouses, Vale ni Kana Dining Room, and Ocean Spa were all crafted from local hardwoods, bamboo, lava rock, and coconut palm thatch.